IIHS Schedule: practices, games, rest, and even virtual reality

19.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

There is no reason to change anything about the well-established schedule of International Ice Hockey School. Therefore, the schedule has been basically the same over the last eight years. Wake-up time, breakfast, morning on-ice and off-ice sessions, lunch, rest or nap time, game, dinner, and sleeping time repeat over and over every day. IIHS will be seven days long this year, and there will be five games, one official game, and one free-relaxing afternoon to catch up some energy. The Best Player of the game awards will be presented by famous hockey celebrities. Also, players will be tested at Virtual Reality by Sense Arena.

The official start of IIHS is on Monday, July 22nd, when the Finnish side of the project arrives at the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague and then travels to Jihlava. On Tuesday morning, the Czech players will join them at the rink. After the official opening ceremony where the staff members and IIHS policies will be introduced, the school kicks-off. So, what does the daily schedule look like for thirteen years old players?

IIHS 2019 schedule. Foto: HC Dukla Jihlava

After players wake-up just before seven o’clock, they move to the hockey rink where breakfast is waiting for them. Then, the morning sessions begin. While one team is having an on-ice session, the other one is doing an off-ice session and vice versa. When two morning sessions are completed with the necessity of cool-down, everyone enjoys lunch around 12:30. Because IIHS is physically difficult, rest or a quick nap is on the schedule as well. Afterward, the game time is the main course of the day. However, in the middle of IIHS, players will have a fun and relaxing afternoon on Friday to gain some energy back. After each game, there is a cool-down, dinner and finally a sleeping time.

The Best Player of the game awards will be again presented by people who are closely connected to Dukla Jihlava and Czech Hockey. Some of them will even participate in the morning sessions. Virtual Reality by Sense Arena was added to IIHS schedule last year. Because it had a great success and interest shown from players and media, every player will be tested at Virtual Reality this year too. Seven days of hard work, hockey, strengthening of Czech-Finnish friendship, meeting new friends, and fun are not the only thing IIHS offers. Be excited!

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