The Finnish side arrived in the Czech Republic, and International Ice Hockey School began

22.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

International Czech-Finnish Hockey School entered a ninth year of this project. The Finnish side landed at Vaclav Havel airport in the afternoon on Monday, July 22nd. After they claimed all the baggage, they successfully drove to Jihlava. The Finnish manager of IIHS, Hannu Tyry who visits this region city many times in the year, shares with us: “Everything went well, and we arrived without any issues. We also brought Niklas Lundstrom with us from Prague who is the goalie for men’s team of Dukla Jihlava.” While Jihlava is a well-known place for him, most of the Finnish players visit the “heart” of Europe for the first time in their lives, or even some of them experienced flying by plane for the first time as well. On early Tuesday morning, all the Czech players join IIHS, and they will be split into two teams and start their practices. The first practice game is waiting for players in the afternoon.

On Monday, as mentioned earlier, the Finnish part of IIHS landed at Vaclav Havel airport. They quickly claimed their bags and stepped into Dukla Jihlava team’s bus which was driven by the favorite driver Petr Stary who took all of them to Jihlava. First, young Finnish guys put away duffle bags at hostel Karolina, and then they went to the base of IIHS which is Horacky Zimni Stadium (Hockey Stadium) where they put away their hockey equipment bags and met with the Czech staff members. Afterward, dinner was the only thing remaining on the schedule. Players enjoyed Lasagne Bolognese and went to bed tired but excited for the following days.

Also, on Monday afternoon, the Belarusian team. Six coaches and observers will gather valuable experience which then they could use to develop Belarusian hockey. That is to help them to get back to the top division of World Championship which they have not qualified for the last two years.

The first whole day of IIHS will come tomorrow which is Tuesday. Czech players and official opening are going to happen just before the morning practices. This will be the official start of IIHS.

Locker rooms of both teams. Photo: Tomáš Lysý

Finnish players. Foto: Hannu Tyry