The first day of IIHS is in the past now. Hockey players are meeting new friends. The first practice game was played

23.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

The opening day of IIHS is successfully over for every participant. Registration, official opening, and then first practices where coaches could finally meet Czech and Finnish players. Photo shooting followed by first practice game was on the schedule in the afternoon. Compared to last years, the first game of IIHS was only a practice game with only two referees. This practice game helped coaches to get to know players better. On Wednesday, July 24, IIHS continues with another day where Viktor Ujcik will attend morning practices in the presence of HokejkaTV. Virtual reality testing will begin tomorrow as well.

Finnish players woke up at 7am on Tuesday. After that, while they were introduced to all the facilities of Hockey Stadium, Czech players arrived as well. At 9am all participants met for the first time. 26 Czech players, 20 Finnish players, staff members, 6 Belarusian coaches, and two referees – one from Finland and one from Hungary, that’s the complete team of IIHS for the year 2019.

Because of the official opening and registration, the first practice of the day did not start at 8:30am but a little bit later. One team started with on-ice practice and the other one with off-ice training. After the sessions, both teams swapped. Then, cool down, lunch, and a short rest followed the morning schedule. Photo shooting was the reason for the short rest which participants of IIHS will receive by the end of IIHS.

The afternoon game was only a practice one, so it did not count towards the official statistics. The Blue team won 8:6, but the result was not important. Czech coaches do not know Finnish players that well, so this practice game was ideal to get to know them. The same applies to Finnish coaches. It is possible that some trades between team will occur before the first game.

Every player should be excited for Wednesday because Czech hockey legend Viktor Ujcik will join both teams during their on-ice practices. Viktor is also known in Finland where he successfully played for Karpat Oulo. Another thing that players are excited for is Virtual Reality. The first testing will begin on Wednesday too. All of this will be happening in the presence of HokejkaTV which will be doing a report about IIHS.