Players enjoyed a free afternoon in the middle of IIHS. They visited a local aquapark

26.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

It is going well. The ninth year of the International Czech-Finnish Hockey School is just past the middle. As always, IIHS schedules a free resting afternoon for the players. Before that, regional Czech hockey coaches helped our regular staff with morning sessions. Then, the free afternoon followed where players spent an amazing afternoon in sunny weather at a local aquapark “Vodni Raj.” They jumped into few pools, rode a waterslide, did some other water activities, visited sauna and steam room, or played beach volleyball. As you can see from many videos and pictures, we had a lot of fun. Therefore, it was for sure that there is going to be no problem with players going into a bed. They needed a good rest because on Saturday morning, on-ice and off-ice testing and a game in the afternoon.
IIHS 2019 is famous among media as well: information about the school have been shared at websites like, BK Havlíčkův Brod and during the camp Jihlavský deník, Havlíčkobrodský deník, (local newspapers) Český rozhlas Vysočina, Vysočina region and Belarusian hockey association too.

Jan Kodet from Czech radio about IIHS 2019

Photo from day 4 of IIHS 2019

Czech coaches from Czech Hockey Association who visited the morning sessions. Players getting ready to attack the aquapark on Friday afternoon.

Players getting ready to attack the aquapark on Friday afternoon.

Photo: Tomáš Lysý