Day 2 of IIHS: Korenar and Ujcik visited the school, Virtual Reality has been started, and Blue team won confidently

24.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

International Czech-Finnish Hockey School is operating on 100%. On Wednesday, July 24th, something was happening all the time. Legendary forward Viktor Ujcik spent both morning on-ice practices with the players. HokejkaTV came to make a comprehensive TV report. In the morning hours Virtual Reality by Sense Arena started, and it has been testing the cognitive skills of all players since then. After that, in the afternoon, the first game of IIHS 2019 was on the schedule. Blue team dominantly won the game 13:4. The Best Players of the Game award was presented by San Jose Sharks organization goalie Josef Korenar.

Who would not remember Viktor Ujcik? He was successful everywhere where he played. Three gold medals from World Championships, two championships in the Czech league, one championship in Finland for Karpat Oulu, and many other important goals in the Czech national team. It was a great experience for players of both teams that he could share some of his knowledge with these young players. Even HokejkaTV selected him for a short interview, as well as the head coach of IIHS Jakub Venc, Finnish coach Mikko Karhusaariho, and some of the players. HokejkaTV was delighted with all the material they gathered for the report.

The favorite project of Sense Arena which is supported by Czech Hockey and Boston Bruins player David Pastrnak is part of IIHS for the second time. This year, three stations are ready to test all the players in Jihlava. Two of them are a part of training centrum here, and one is mobile. We know everyone is going to enjoy this unique experience.

David Račan o IIHS 2019

Jáchym Jungwirth o IIHS 2019

Copyright: Tomáš Lysý

The first game of IIHS started with a minute of silence for Jan Hrbaty, a deceased legend of Dukla Jihlava, which followed by a dominant win of a Blue team. After periods 6:2, 6:2, and 1:0, the Blue team won 13:4, and we could expect some trades for the following games. The big heroes of this game were especially Jachym Jungwirth (3+2) and Tadeas Kantor (3+1).

Trenér gólmanů Daniel Šťastný o kempu

Copyright: Tomáš Lysý

1st game: Blue team – White team 13:4

Goals and assists: 4. Rostislav Nosek, 6. Tomáš Smetánka, 11. Jindřich Habermann (Tomáš Smetánka), 15. Jáchym Jungwirth, 16. Jáchym Jungwirth (Valtteri Nyppeli), 19. Tadeáš Kantor (Jáchym Jungwirth), 29. Jindřich Habermann, 35. Patrik Mrtka, 38. Arttu Myllynen (Rostislav Nosek), 39. Tomáš Smetánka (Pyry Takala), 39. Tadeáš Kantor (Jáchym Jungwirth, Patrik Mrtka), 39. Jáchym Jungwirth (Tadeáš Kantor, Niki Nurmikolu), 52. Tadeáš Kantor – 13. Joonas Silén (Luca Ruusila, Lukáš Nový), 19. Tobias Chlubna, 22. Michael Helsingius (Tatu Nieminen), 24. Luca Ruusila (Lukáš Nový, Joonas Silen). Referees: Tomáš Mejzlík, Jaakko Stark – Patrik Augusta, Márk Seres. Penalties: 4:5 and Matěj Pražák (White team) 10 min. PPG: 1:1. SHG: 3:1. Spectators: 63.

Blue team: Aaron Friberg (21. Ondřej Málek, 41. Jakub Čerbák) – Adam Král, Adam Ošmera, Patrik Mrtka, Niki Nurmikolu, Ondřej Cholava, Lauri Koivunen, Martin Dvořák, Leo Pajari – Rostislav Nosek, Tadeáš Koubek, Arttu Myllynen – Pyry Takala, Jindřich Habermann, Tomáš Smetánka – Jáchym Jungwirth, Lassi Ahonen, Valtteri Nyppeli – Joone Piironen, Matti Lehtonen, Tadeáš Kantor. Coaches: Jakub Venc, Mikko Karhusaari

White team: Vít Jirák (21. Mitro Huittinen, 41. David Račan) – Matěj Fiala, Dominik Löffler, Tadeáš Adam, Felix Hautamäki, Tobiáš Sapík, Lenni Neronen, Matěj Pražák, Noel Vilenius – Antti Lepola, Tatu Nieminen, Josef Teplý – Tobias Chlubna, Matěj Vojáček, Michael Helsingius – Patrik Křížek, Max Freihoff, Jan Frühbauer – Luca Ruusila, Joonas Silén, Lukáš Nový. Coaches: Tomáš Dzurik, Toni Viljanen.

The Best Player of the Game award was presented by Josef Korenar, a former Dukla Jihlava player, U20 national team member, and current player of NHL San Jose Sharks organization. The Best Players were: Artu Myllynen, Jachym Jungwirth – Lukas Novy, Anti Lepola. Photo: Tomáš Lysý