The White team won the second game of IIHS. The Best Players of the Game awards were presented by David Rittich

25.07.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

A morning program of the school was not different from any other days. Wake-up, breakfast, on-ice and off-ice morning sessions, and lunch. However, there was a little change in the afternoon schedule. Players immediately after lunch listened to a lecture by Petr Palovcik who taught them about media presentation. After that, there was the second game of IIHS 2019 on schedule. This time it was a close battle thanks to couple trades that happened in the morning. David Rittich could see how Josef Teply scored a winning goal for the White team two minutes before the end of regulation time.

Thirteen years old hockey players might not even realize the strength of all social media. So, Petr Palovcik, a member of the marketing team in Dukla Jihlava, taught players how to handle interviews with media, such as what to say, what not to say, and how to control facial expressions. He also told players how to behave in using other social media like Facebook or Instagram. Three out of four short videos showed at the end were taken from the first days of IIHS 2019.

The second game of IIHS 2019 was played in the afternoon exactly as scheduled. Unfortunately, some of the players have suffered a small injury, so teams didn’t have full four lines for the game. When the white team took a lead, it looked like we felt how the game is going to be evolving. The Blue team took the lead 7:6 for only a short time seven and a half minutes before the end. However, they did not win the game. The White team who tied the game three minutes before the end, and then Josef Teply, a brother of Michal Teply (drafted by Chicago Blackhawks), scored a game-winning a minute later.

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2nd game: Blue team – White team 7:8

Goals and assists: 12. Tadeáš Kantor (Pyry Takala), 20. Tobias Chlubna (Rostislav Nosek, Tadeáš Koubek), 24. Tadeáš Koubek (Adam Ošmera), 35. Martin Dvořák (Valtteri Nyppeli), 42. Tomáš Smetánka (Jindřich Habermann), 47. Adam Ošmera (Patrik Mrtka), 53. Valtteri Nyppeli (Jindřich Habermann) – 2. Michael Helsingius (Matěj Vojáček), 22. Jáchym Jungwirth), 25. Matěj Vojáček (Antti Lepola), 28. Antti Lepola (Matěj Fiala, Matěj Pražák), 38. Tadeáš Adam (Matěj Vojáček), 52. Jáchym Jungwirth, 57. Josef Teplý, 58. Josef Teplý. Referees: Ondřej Polák, Jaakko Stark – Jakub Jančí, Márk Seres. Penalties: 4:8. PPG: 2:0. SHG: 0:0. Spectators: 55.

Blue team: Jakub Čerbák (21. Vít Jirák, 41. Aaron Friberg) – Adam Král, Adam Ošmera, Patrik Mrtka, Niki Nurmikolu, Ondřej Cholava, Lauri Koivunen, Martin Dvořák, Leo Pajari – Rostislav Nosek, Tadeáš Koubek, Arttu Myllynen – Pyry Takala, Jindřich Habermann, Tomáš Smetánka – Tobias Chlubna, Lassi Ahonen, Valtteri Nyppeli – Joone Piironen, Matti Lehtonen, Tadeáš Kantor. Coaches: Jakub Venc, Mikko Karhusaari

White team: Mitro Huittinen (21. David Račan, 41. Ondřej Málek) – Matěj Fiala, Dominik Löffler, Tadeáš Adam, Felix Hautamäki, Tobiáš Sapík, Lenni Neronen, Matěj Pražák, Noel Vilenius – Antti Lepola, Tatu Nieminen, Josef Teplý – Jáchym Jungwirth, Matěj Vojáček, Michael Helsingius – Patrik Křížek, Max Freihoff, Jan Frühbauer – Luca Ruusila, Joonas Silén, Lukáš Nový. Coaches: Tomáš Dzurik, Toni Viljanen.

The Best Players of the Game award was present by David Rittich, a former goalie of Dukla Jihlava, Czech national team, and a current goalie of Calgary Flames. The best players: Ondrej Malek, Mitro Huittinen – Jakub Cerbak, Valtteri Nyppeli. Photo: Tomáš Lysý

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