The Blue team won the official game of IIHS 2019, and the Czech-Finnish school ended

03.08.2019 / Daniel Dvořák

The most important game off all International Czech-Finnish Hockey School 2019 was won by the Blue team. After the ceremonial face-off, the White team took an early lead, but in the second half of the first period, everything changed. The Blue team scored six unanswered goals. However, the White team did not give up. They decreased the lead by scoring three goals to get the game to 4:6. That was the closest the White team got to the Blue team. In the end, the Blue team won 8:5 in front of the eyes of one of the biggest legends of Dukla Jihlava and Czech hockey Jiri Holik. Afterward, the Best Players of the Game and the Best Players of the IIHS awards were handed out. This was followed up by the official closing of IIHS 2019.

Official game of IIHS 2019 (Timo Haapanen game):

Blue Team – White Team 8:5

Photo gallery

The ceremonial face-off was dropped by the governor of Vysocina region Jiri Behounek and GM of Dukla Jihlava Bedrich Scerban who is also GM of IIHS. From left to right: Mascot of Dukla Jihlava, Jachym Jungwirth, Jiri Behounek, Bedrich Scerban, and Tadeas Koubek. Foto: Tomáš Lysý

Blue team. Foto: Nela Dittrichová

White team. Foto: Nela Dittrichová

The whole game was streamed live on International Ice Hockey School Facebook page.

1. Period

2. Period

3. Period

The Best Players of the Official Game:

Matej Vojacek, Tatu Nieminen – Adam Osmera, Lauri Koivunen. The Best Players of the Game awards were handed out by Jiri Holik, a legendary forward of Dukla Jihlava and Czech hockey. Foto: Nela Dittrichová

The Best Players of IIHS 2019:

Blue team: Jakub Čerbák (GK), Patrik Mrtka (D), Tadeáš Kantor (F)
White team: Mitro Huittinen (GK), Dominik Löffler (D), Josef Teplý (F)

These awards were handed out by Jiri Holik, Bedrich Scerban, Hannu Tyry – Head Manager of Finnish side of IIHS, and Vitezslav Holub – director of Czech Sports Union of Vysocina region.

Dominik Löffler, best d-man with the White team, talks about IIHS 2019 and official game

Best d-man with the Blue team, Patrik Mrtka, speaks about official game and hockey camp

Point of view by Dominik Adam, BK Havlíčkův Brod journalist and redactor

Autor videí: Tomáš Lysý

On-ice and off-ice testing:

On-ice and off-ice testing were completed as usual, and the results were compared to the results of previous years. This year, the testing was on the schedule on Saturday morning, right after the free afternoon. Dominik Loffler, a defender of Dukla Jihlava and the White team, won three out of eight exercises. On the Finnish side, the most successful was Tatu Nieminen who also won three exercises. In between goalies, David Racan dominated here. Every player received a trophy which will remind them of this success forever.

Winners overview:

Explosive strength: Adam Ošmera – Lauri Koivunen
Starting speed: Tomáš Smetánka – Arttu Myllynen
Agility run: Josef Teplý – Valtteri Nyppeli
Rope climbing: David Račan – Tatu Nieminen

Puck stickhandling: Adam Ošmera – Tatu Nieminen
Agility skating forward: Dominik Löffler – Arttu Myllynen
Agility skating backward: Dominik Löffler – Tatu Nieminen
Fastest skater: Dominik Löffler – Lauri Koivunen

The Best Goalie: David Racan

Coaches of IIHS 2019: Daniel Stastny (Goalie coach), Toni Viljanen (White team), Jakub Venc (Blue team and head coach of IIHS), Mikko Karhusaari (Blue team), and Daniel Dvořák (White team). Tomas Dzurik is missing here because he had to leave the day before the last day. Foto: Tomáš Lysý