Players were selected for International Ice Hockey School (IIHS) 2018, and team squads are completed

05.07.2018 / Daniel Dvořák

This year, seven teams from Vysocina region have their representatives at IIHS. Dukla Jihlava have more players attending IIHS than any other team from Vysocina region. Last year, it was Trebic which had the most players at IIHS. Bedrich Scerban, general manager of IIHS, points out that „quality is the highest priority of this school. The selection of players is made of seven teams, and rivalry in between teams is irrelevant in this selection. This year, IIHS is for players born in 2005. If one team has better players than other teams in particular category, it is logical to select more players from the particular team with better players.” The quality of the players is important, so there has been a change in a team which selects Finnish players. This year, players from team KooVee are travelling to the Czech Republic - more here.

It was common for Finnish team to host even years of the school, and odd years were hosted by Jihlava. The change in Finnish teams is the main reason that eighth year of IIHS is in Jihlava, not in Finland. The new team from Finland needs to see how IIHS works, so it can host IIHS next year.

In terms of the Czech side, everything is as it used to be. Players are again selected across Vysocina region which is the main supporter of IIHS. Coaches selected twenty-three Czech players from seven teams – Dukla Jihlava, Horacka Slavie Trebic, Havlickuv Brod, Moravske Budejovice, Ledec nad Sazavou, Zdar nad Sazavou, and Pelhrimov. Finnish coaches selected twenty-three players as well, so the system of IIHS stays the same as previous years. The official language of IIHS is English, so players are mixed to two Czech-Finnish teams, for example a defensive pair is made of one player from the Czech and one from Finland. It is an excellent way to improve communication in English because Czech players don’t speak Finnish language, and Finnish players don’t speak Czech language. Two Finnish coaches are going to be separated to two teams as well. Beside the sport part of IIHS, the ethical and behavioral code is taken seriously as well.

Requirements for players selection are same as previous years. Regional center for talented players is making special hockey camps for the most talented players once a month. Each team from the region is responsible for a certain category, so it supplies coaches and organizes camps. First nomination is done by the head coach of the category that attends IIHS. The coach knows players very well because he organizes the special camps each month. However, the hockey quality of players is not the only thing coaches are selecting players from. Players need to have great attitude during workouts, and the school performance is important as well. There is no way that players can get into IIHS without doing well in school or just paying for it. This makes the hockey camp special.

David Rittich, former Dukla Jihlava and current Czech National team and Calgary Flames goalkeeper, visited IIHS last year where he awarded the best players of the game. Photo: Tomáš Buksa

Nomination for IIHS 2018 – Vysocina region

Goalkeepers: Jiří Tesař, Filip Sigmund (oba HC Dukla Jihlava), Jakub Bělohlávek (BK Havlíčkův Brod)
Defense: Martin Matějíček, Denis Jeletz, Matěj Doskočil (všichni HC Dukla Jihlava), Adam Topol, Erik Zamazal, František Bláha (všichni SK Horácká Slavia Třebíč), Jan Vaněček (BK Havlíčkův Brod), Antonín Vrána (HC Ledeč nad Sázavou)
Offense: Hynek Peš, Václav Kudrna, Patrik Bakus, Patrik Štos, Lukáš Kolda (všichni HC Dukla Jihlava), Tomáš Strnad, Josef Zoubek (oba BK Havlíčkův Brod), Oldřich Novák, Tomáš Vandas (oba HC Moravské Budějovice 2005), Kevin Coufal (HC Lední Medvědi Pelhřimov), Denis Zamazal (SK Horácká Slavia Třebíč), Jakub Doležal (SKLH Žďár nad Sázavou)

Reserve players: David Dvořák (SK Horácká Slavia Třebíč), Adam Bernard (BK Havlíčkův Brod), Petr Jašek (HHK Velké Meziříčí)

Nomination for IIHS 2018 – KooVee Tampere

Goalkeepers: Lasse Latva, Oskari Perho, Tuure Puputti
Defense: Vili Aalto, Vili Haapala, Kalle Karttu, Paavo Kulo, Juho Laurila, Niklas Salminen, Viljami Vainio, Jusa Vilppola
Offense: Sampo Heine, Niko Koivuluoto, Aatu Korpula, Verneri Maajaakkola, Vili Majuri, Jesse Marjamäki, Leevi Pelkonen, Joona Pohjola, Jere Siiki, Timi Teuho-Markkola, Eemil Virtanen, Teemu Vänni


The system that has been around for seven years is working, so there is no reason for a change. When IIHS is in Jihlava, two Finnish coaches are coming over. They are discovering how the other country works with young players, for example, how off-ice and on-ice workouts look like. They are comparing between what Finnish coaches know and what Czech coaches are doing. Therefore, if IIHS is in Finland, Czech side is sending two Czech coaches over as well.

Head coach: Jakub Venc (BK Havlíčkův Brod)
Coaches: Tomáš Dzurik (HC Dukla Jihlava), Jan Dvořák (HC Lední Medvědi Pelhřimov), Mikko Karhusaari, Mikko Hakola (Nokia); Martin Čech and Vojtěch Šír will attend half of the camp.
Goaltending: Jan Dršata, Daniel Šťastný (HC Dukla Jihlava)


IIHS is not only about players and coaches, but for referees as well. They play an important role in sharing their knowledge and opinions. The official game of IIHS and all other games are led by referees from both countries. In 2016, Jiří Ondráček traveled to Finland. Last year, Rasmus Linko and Jani Vakkari came over to the Czech Republic. Two Finnish referees, Semi Mäkiranta and Eemeli Majakangas, will be present at IIHS 2018.


General Manager: Bedřich Ščerban
Sport Coordinator: Vítězslav Holub
Managers: Tereza Ščerbanová, Hannu Tyry
Supervisor: Vladimír Šťastný
Doctor: Metoděj Renza
Team leaders: Metoděj Renza, Tomáš Lysý, Daniel Dvořák, Daniel Šťastný, Tereza Krbicová, Harri Koivuluoto, Petri Salminen
PR, marketing, editor: Tomáš Lysý, Daniel Dvořák, Hannu Tyry
Catering: Hana Šťastná
Game organization: Zdeněk Drla

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