Day four: Third win for the White team

28.07.2023 / Natálie Poláčková

Similar as the other days, today the players started training on the ice and other exercises during the morning. After they had lunch and a break for the afternoon rest. After that, it was time for warm-up and the match. The end was same as already two days before, ended better in favor of the White team.

Friday had almost the same course as the two previous days. Morning training first, followed by lunch and then the next match. The members of the White team got into it better and took the lead in the fourth minute. After the start of the second period, they increased their lead to three goals. But the Blue team didn´t like it and managed to reduce the difference to one goal. But the White team didn´t think so, and most of the goals fell from their hockey sticks. The Blues tried to equalize during the third part, but thanks to five quick goals from the 42nd to the 49th minute, they had almost no chance. Two hat-tricks were scored in this match. One from the stick of Patrik Fink, the other from the stick of his brother Samuel Fink, who has his second hat-trick in two matches.

BLUE – WHITE: 3. ZÁPAS, 28.7. 3:10

Blue: Kratochvíl. Zápotočný, Duben, Stejskal, Fejt, Martinec, Mareš, Horký, Potač, Arha, Lantinen, Ruusunen, Koskinen, Peltola, Salmi, Savikko.

White: Törnroos, Kadlec, Mäkki, Topparii, Dajč, Fink S., Fink P., Benc, Matějka, Kivinietu, Bečka, Adam, Hadraba, Gärtner, Koldová.

Branky a nahrávky: 30. Martinec (Koskinen, Zápotočný), 31. Horký (Lantinen), 56. Ruusunen (Lantinen) - 4. Fink S. (Kadlec), 23. Hadraba, 26. Fink P. (Matějka), 37. Fink P. (Matějka), 40. Fink S. (Benc), 42. Kivinen (Fink P., Matějka), 44. Adam (Hadraba, Gärtner), 47. Fink P. (Matějka), 48. Mäkki (Adam), 49. Fink S. (Benc). Vyloučení: 2:4. Využití: 0:0. V oslabení: 0:0. Průběh utkání: 0:3, 2:3, 2:5, 2:10, 3:10.

Pre game skating of White team.

Shot Jakuba Adama from blue line.

Patrik Fink concentrates on the puck.

Goal joy of the blue team.

Changing goalkeepers on both sides.

Foto: Natálie Poláčková

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