Day six: First win for Blue team

31.07.2023 / Natálie Poláčková

After Saturday´s rest, the players awaited the return to preparation for the final match of the entire camp. They spent the morning preparing on and off the ice. In the afternoon, the game was planned just like the days before.

Also on Sunday, the hockey players had training on and off the ice. They tried several exercises - with the hockey stick and in approaching another player. After that, everyone went for lunch and had a break. Another match was planned for the afternoon. This time the Blue team managed to win. They also took the lead at the beginning of the match, after the first period the Blue team went to the cabin with a five-goal lead. In the second part, for a change, the goals were falling on the other side, and the score was equal - 6:6 until the last period. The Blue team managed to bounce back by two goals and the White team scored only one goal. In the end, the Blues shoot two more goals and claimed their first win.

BLUE – WHITE: 4. ZÁPAS, 30.7. 10:7

Blue: Kratochvíl, Zápotočný, Stejskal, Martinec, Mareš, Horký, Potač, Fink S., Fink P., Arha, Lantinen, Ruusunen, Koskinen, Peltola, Hájek, Salmi, Savikko.

White: Törnroos, Duben, Kadlec, Mäkki, Topparii, Dajč, Benc, Rantala, Fejt, Matějka, Kiviniemi, Bečka, Adam, Hadraba, Gärtner, Koldová, Tanttinen.

Branky a nahrávky: 4. Fink S. (Horký), 6. Fink S. (Fink P.), 13. Horký (Mareš, Martinec), 15. Mareš (Martinec, Koskinen), 16. Fink P. (Fink S.), 26. Fink P. (Horký, Fink S.), 51. Lantinen (Ruusunen), 53. Lantinen (Martinec), 58. Martinec, 60. Fink P. - 21. Rantala (Mäkki, Benc), 29. Bečka (Matějka, Kiviniemi), 31. Hadraba (Adam, Gärtner), 32. Rantala (Fejt, Benc), 34. Adam (Hadraba), 36. Duben, 55. Bečka (Duben)Vyloučení: 4:2. Využití: 0:1. V oslabení: 0:0. Průběh utkání: 5:0, 5:1, 6:1, 6:6, 8:6, 8:7, 10:7

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