Day two and three: two wins for the Whites

27.07.2023 / Daniel Lhotský

After the initial warm-up day, the IIHS participants got down to business. Firstly on Wednesday morning they had an official on-ice photo shoot followed by a morning on-ice and off-ice training. Then in the afternoon, the players played their first game against each other. It was similar on Thursday, when they also practiced in the morning and then played another game in the afternoon. So far the White team has been more successful in the match, winning both matches. The Blue team will get another chance to win on Friday afternoon when the third match will be played.

On Wednesday morning, all the participants had to wake up early. Already at 8 am everyone had to be ready for the official group photo. Each participant then took photos during the day individually on the cards. After the morning training session at 4 pm the first match took place. Although the Blues were already down 1:4, during the third period they were able to tie the game first at 4:4 and later at 5:5. The White team controlled the very end of the game, however, and in the last ten minutes of the game they scored five goals against their opponent and won the opening game of the camp 7:13.


Blue: Koldová, Tanttinen, Törnroos, Potač, Horký, Fejt, Rudolf, Läntinen, Mareš, Gärtner, Ruusunen, Martinec, Aarha, Zápotočný, Koskinen, Stejskal, Peltola, Salmi.
White: Kratochvíl, Savikko, Kadlec, Duben, Dajč, Toppari, Suoniemi, Fink P., Fink S., Benc, Adam, Matějka, Bečka, Rantala, Kiviniemi, Hadraba.

Goals and assists: 24. Gärtner (Lentinen, Rudolf), 33. Fejt (Potač), 41. Potač (Fejt), 41. Mareš, 45. Ruusunen (Mareš), 50. Martinec, 52. Horký (Martinec) – 15. Kiviniemi, 28. Fink S. (Matějka), 28. Kiviniemi (Matějka), 30. Fink P. (Fink S.), 44. Fink S. (Duben), 48. Fink S. (Fink P.), 49. Benc (Toparri), 52. Duben (Benc), 53. Hadraba (Bečka), 54. Fink P. (Kadlec, Fink S.), 57. Fink S. (Fink P.), 59. Kiviniemi (Matějka). Penalties: 3:3. Powerplay goals: 2:0. Shorthanded goals 0:1. Score: 0:1, 1:1, 1:4, 4:4, 4:5, 5:5, 5:7, 6:7, 6:9, 7:9, 7:13.

Whole IIHS 2023 crew getting ready for a official photo.

Thursday was quite similar to Wednesday. In the morning, off-ince and on-ice practices were held again, this time in front of the TV cameras. In the afternoon, the Blues were able to make amends for Wednesday´s defeat and for a long time it looked very promising for the Blue team. After the first period the score was 1:1, in the second period at the very last second the Blue team managed to tie to 4:4. However, in a balanced game the White team again showed more strength at the end of the game, once again they managed to score decisive goals in the last ten minutes and won again, this time it was 5:9. Samuel Fink scored a hat-trick in the very beginning of the match.


Blue: Koldová, Törnroos, Zápotočný, Rudolf, Stejskal, Fejt, Martinec, Mareš, Horký, Gärtner, Potač, Aarha, Läntinen, Ruusunen, Koskinen, Peltola, Salmi.
White: Kratochvíl, Savikko, Tanttinen, Kadlec, Mäki, Duben, Toppari, Dajč, Suoniemi, Fink P., Rantala, Fink S., Benc, Matějka, Kiulemi, Bečka, Hadraba.

Goals and assists: 9. Ruusunen (Salmi, Koskinen), 22. Fejt (Rudolf), 34. Horký (Fejt), 40. Gärtner (Martinec), 54. Fejt – 16. Fink S. (Rantala), 28. Fink S. (Fink P.), 31. Fink S. (Fink P.), 34. Bečka (Adam), 43. Benc (Matějka), 51. Bečka (Adam, Hadraba) 55. Rantala (Fink S., Kadlec), 55. Fink P. (Fink S., Rantala), 56. Kiuliemi (Mäki). Penalty: 4:1. Powerplay goals: 1:1. Shorthanded goals: 1:0. Score: 1:0, 1:1, 2:1, 2:2, 2:3, 3:3, 3:4, 4:4, 4:6, 5:6, 5:9.

Backhend shot of Blue team.

Jan Fejt scores a goal all alone.

Blue team celebrates the goal.

White team crosses the blue line.

Players in white jersey scored 9 goals.

The Whites celebrating their second win.

A traditional handshake after the match.

Photo: Daniel Lhotský

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